Welcome to The Facing History School!

Our mission is to graduate students who are: a) lifelong learners with the skills and knowledge for academic and professional success and b) prepared for the responsibilities of being active, thoughtful participants and leaders in a democratic society.

We opened our doors in September 2005, and many of our core founding values have remained the same: a focus on performance based assessment; a belief in distributive leadership; an emphasis on building relationships among staff and students and a desire to know each child – their academic strengths and challenges, their interests, their lives outside of school and their dreams.

We believe that our relevant, academically rigorous program and the supportive, caring structures we have in place make us more than just an excellent school, but an excellent learning community. With the guidance of our lead partner, Facing History and Ourselves, we ask our students to go on a four year journey to help prepare them for the ethical and moral decisions of adulthood. Our school’s activities, structure, and curricula are centered around four themes: Identity, Caring and Responsibility, Decision-making, and Choosing to Participate.

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Parent Corner

P-EBT Info
P-EBT for families with students


Households Enrolled in Public Assistance to Receive One-Time Payments of $214 for Each Child Between the Age of 3 and 17; $150 for Children Younger than 3
Here are answers to common questions:
  • ELIGIBILITY: P-EBT is for the Sept 2020 to June 2021 school year. Only students enrolled during that time period will receive P-EBT funds from the State of New York.
    • P-EBT for Summer 2021 is only for students who remained enrolled through June 2021.
  • DISTRIBUTION TIMING: Summer 2021 P-EBT distribution will likely extend throughout the summer. There is no reason to be concerned if you have not yet received the funds on your SNAP EBT/Medicaid/P-EBT card.
  • FAMILIES WITH SNAP: The P-EBT distribution can be hard to distinguish from SNAP on your EBT card, so you might not have noticed that you already received it. You can review your account online at www.connectebt.com or call EBT Customer Service at 1-888-328-6399.
AMOUNT INQUIRY: Complete the P-EBT Contact Form bit.ly/PEBTcontactform.
  • The State will review amount inquiries once all distributions are complete, anticipate a long wait period (3-6+ months)

PTA DATES 2023-2024

PTA meeting dates are as follows: every third Wednesday of the month at  6:00PM to 8:00PM.

All meetings will be held virtually and an email link for the meeting will be sent to emails. 

Please make sure that Rita the parent coordinator has your current email address.

Election Registration Link

2023- 24 PTA Meeting Schedule

September 20th 

October 18th  

November 15th

December 20th

January 17th

February 14th

March 20th

April 17th

May 15th

June 12th


Parent's Corner- Job Training

Staying Connected


Parents/Guardians:  If you are not currently receiving emails from FHS, please call or email Rita Laguer our Parent Coordinator to provide us with you most current email address. 

Rita can be reached at rita@facinghistoryschool.org or 347-949-2539 

Another great way to stay connected to the school community is by following our school's Instagram account.  Please follow us @thefacinghistoryschool

Google Workspace

 What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace  is a suite of tools that allows students and teachers to collaborate in real-time to create documents, presentations, surveys, spreadsheets, and even websites. All tools are free, ad-free, reliable, and secure. We encourage families to sit down with their students to look at the school work stored within their child’s Google Drive, just as we encourage our students to share their work with their parents.

¿Qué es Google Suite para educacion?

Google Workspace es un conjunto de herramientas que permite a estudiantes y profesores colaborar en tiempo real para crear documentos, presentaciones, encuestas, hojas de cálculo e incluso sitios web. Todas las herramientas son gratuitas, sin publicidad, confiables y seguras. Alentamos a los padres a sentarse con sus estudiatnes para ver el trabajo escolar almacenado en el Google Drive de sus estudiantes, al igual que alentamos a nuestros estudiantes a compartir su trabajo con sus padres.



What is it?/¿Qué es?


Google Workspace for Education








Espacio de trabajo de Google para la educación

Google’s free, online set of communication and collaboration tools. This includes Gmail, Classroom, Docs, Meet and Drive which enable teachers and students to connect, collaborate, provide and receive feedback. Your child can learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.  


El conjunto de herramientas de colaboración y comunicación en línea gratuito de Google. Esto incluye Gmail, Classroom, Docs, Meet y Drive, que permiten a los profesores y estudiantes conectarse, colaborar, proporcionar y recibir comentarios. Su hijo puede aprender en cualquier lugar, en cualquier momento y en cualquier dispositivo.

Google Classroom

Classroom is where your child can find their assignments, grades and feedback, and communicate directly with their teacher. As a guardian, you can opt into guardian summaries to keep up with your child’s progress


El aula es donde su hijo puede encontrar sus tareas, calificaciones y comentarios, y comunicarse directamente con su maestro. Como tutor, puede optar por los resúmenes de tutores para mantenerse al día con el progreso de su hijo.





What is it?/¿Qué es?


Google Docs, Sheets or Slides








Documentos, Hojas de cálculo o Presentaciones de Google

Using Google Workspace tools like Docs, Sheets and Slides, your child can create documents, spreadsheets, or presentations that they can share with others, receive feedback on through comments, and edit in real time--with it all being saved automatically in their Google Drive.


Con las herramientas de Google Workspace como Documentos, Hojas de cálculo y Presentaciones, su hijo puede crear documentos, hojas de cálculo o presentaciones que puede compartir con otros, recibir comentarios a través de comentarios y editar en tiempo real, y todo se guarda automáticamente en su cuenta de Google. Conducir.


Google Calendar





calendario de Google

The online calendar that integrates with Google Classroom to help students to be aware of assignments and/or appointments.


El calendario en línea que se integra con Google Classroom para ayudar a los estudiantes a estar al tanto de las tareas y / o citas.


Google Sites



Sitios de Google

Collaborative webpage creation tool for publishing to a real-life audience.


Herramienta de creación de páginas web colaborativas para publicar en una audiencia real.


Google Forms







Formularios de Google

Forms are often used by teachers for creating quizzes, parent feedback surveys, or even field trip forms. Your child may also use Forms for in-class activities like creating a poll, or sending out a survey to their class.


Los maestros suelen utilizar los formularios para crear cuestionarios, encuestas de comentarios de los padres o incluso formularios de excursiones. Su hijo también puede usar Formularios para actividades en clase, como crear una encuesta o enviar una encuesta a su clase.


Google Meet











Reunión de Google

Meet is a secure video conferencing platform where teachers can hold class, record meetings, hold parent/teacher conferences or office hours, especially with distance learning, Meet has many features built in for accessibility, like live captions, and many features built for education. Meet can be used to recreate the experience of your child being in class to keep them learning.


 Meet es una plataforma de videoconferencia segura donde los maestros pueden realizar clases, grabar reuniones, celebrar conferencias de padres / maestros u horas de oficina, especialmente con el aprendizaje a distancia. Meet tiene muchas funciones integradas para la accesibilidad, como subtítulos en vivo, y muchas funciones creadas para la educación. Meet se puede utilizar para recrear la experiencia de que su hijo esté en clase para que siga aprendiendo.





Zoom (non Google)

Another location where teachers are hosting live classes. Students will need their FHS emails to join.


Otro lugar donde los maestros están organizando clases en vivo. Estudiantes necesitarán sus correos electrónicos de FHS para entrar a las sesiones vivos.