Graphics Campus Navy Junior ROTC (NJROTC)


Graphics Campus Navy Junior ROTC (NJROTC) is a citizen development program with unique characteristics that enables high school students to develop traits that foster self-confidence and leadership.

What it is: A high school leadership program whose mission is to ensure that students have a positive high school experience, graduate in four years, and go on to an outstanding college/quality career.

What it’s not: It’s not a military recruitment program.  Cadets do not join the military.

Colleges give admissions preference to NJROTC Cadets.  Our data shows:

  • 100% of all students who join NJROTC graduate high school in four years

  • 100% of all NJROTC Cadets get accepted to college with 50% or more scholarship money

  • 100% of all NJROTC cadets get hired for quality part time employment during high school

  • NJROTC Cadets have a 12 point higher grade point average than non NJROTC cadets

  • One third of all NJROTC cadets are on the honor roll

  • Only NJROTC cadets are eligible for a $500,000 ROTC scholarship to college.

  • NJROTC provides Community Service, School Service, Leadership, and Working with Teams. All of these skills are essential elements for your resume, college applications, and the job market.

  • NJROTC is a great way to make QUALITY new friends, especially as a new student.

  • NJROTC is fun. Do you like to go on field trips? NJROTC goes on trips to visit Navy ships and submarines, Washington DC overnight trip, Philadelphia, picnics, parades, drill meets, fly on a jet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

 Contact Information: Commander Dash


 Phone: 917-549-4487